Meet Megan Martin

Megan Martin will be a fair and impartial judge who protects constitutional rights and freedoms, who holds government accountable, and who always acts in your best interests by following the constitution and the law. She will bring her deep understanding of government and her trusted judicial philosophy to the Commonwealth Court – the court that handles the issues that matter most to you, such as constitutional, election, education, and business issues.

Megan was born and raised in Delaware County. Her dad is a true American success story – the son of Italian immigrants who became a doctor and dedicated his medical career to serving those in his hometown community of Chester for more than five decades. Her mother was a devoted wife and mother to her dad and six children. Megan credits her dedicated work ethic to her dad, and her faith and love of family to her beloved mother.

Megan believes that public service is a calling and that she has been called to serve. She answered that call, and her legal career spans more than three decades across our state and federal governments. Megan has the unique distinction of serving in all three branches of our state government, and as an attorney for the United States Navy.

Megan served as a judicial law clerk, drafting opinions and learning first-hand the important, impartial, and independent role of a judge and the judicial branch. Megan also served in the administrations of two Governors, where she practiced administrative law for nearly a decade. She assisted with the preparation of pleadings for appellate litigation in state and federal courts. She reviewed thousands of government contracts. She reviewed all proposed Commonwealth public finance transactions/bond transactions, deeds, and leases executed by executive agencies, and all proposed rules and regulations. Megan also provided legal advice on constitutional and statutory issues impacting the executive agencies, as well as on contracting and transactional issues including protests, licensing, pre-emption, innovation and privatization, international agreements, and memorandum agreements with federal, local, and state government entities.

Megan proudly served as an attorney for our US Navy, where she was both a litigator and transactional attorney, managing heavy caseloads and concentrating her robust administrative law practice on government contracts, civilian personnel/labor and employment matters, fiscal law, ethics/standards of conduct, acquisition integrity/fraud, Freedom of Information Act issues, and many other legal issues facing the Navy. Megan is especially honored to have served as an attorney for the Navy, and is thankful for the privilege of serving the Navy sailors who so selflessly serve all of us.

Megan made history when she became the first (and only) woman to serve as the Pennsylvania Senate’s Secretary-Parliamentarian. There, she managed the legislative process with diligence and care for more than a decade, always keeping our constitution, laws, and rules of the Senate as her North Star. Megan possesses a deep and comprehensive understanding of the complex legislative process. This one-of-a-kind legislative knowledge is something that she alone can bring to the Commonwealth Court. Significantly, Megan was unanimously elected by the Senators five times, which is a true testament to the fair and impartial way that she conducted herself as the Parliamentarian. At the Senate, Megan also had a quasi-judicial role where she decided legal appeals and drafted legal opinions on Right-to-Know Law issues. Megan’s decisions were never reversed by the Commonwealth Court because they were grounded in the law. Megan was also honored to serve as the Chaplain of the Senate throughout her decade-long tenure and exclusively during the COVID pandemic.

Megan is highly regarded across the Commonwealth and the nation for her expertise in government law and process, and especially for the judicious and skillful way in which she carried out her important responsibilities at the PA Senate. Megan was honored nationally by her parliamentary peers for her body of work as the Secretary-Parliamentarian, receiving the NCSL (National Conference of State Legislatures) 2021 Legislative Staff Achievement Award. Megan was also honored by her law school alma mater, Widener Law Commonwealth, with its 2022 Excellence in Public Service Award, honoring her 3-decade career of service. She is also the recipient of numerous meritorious service awards for her legal work at the Navy.


2021 Legislative Staff Achievement Award Recipients
Pennsylvania Senate Secretary-Parliamentarian Megan Martin Earns National Recognition
Widener Law Commonwealth honors public service award recipients at 2022 Evening at the Capitol ceremony

Megan is again answering the call to service, this time, to serve on the Commonwealth Court where she will be a fair and impartial jurist who will stand up for constitutional rights. Megan will not legislate from the bench, and instead, will apply the law as it was written by the General Assembly. She will ensure that, just like people, our government follows the law, too. Megan will be a staunch defender of the rule of law for the people of Pennsylvania.

Megan moved to Central Pennsylvania to attend law school and has made this her home for more than 30 years. Today, Megan resides with her husband, children and dog in Mechanicsburg.